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Stress free dentistry, right in the heart of Springburn
Atlas Road Dental Surgery

We are your family dental practice that has been serving the Springburn community for over 50 years! You can find us beside the train station, next door to Philip Morris Carpets on Atlas Road. NHS, Cosmetic and Childsmile patients always welcome, we’re not one’s for turning people away.


He’s awesome. Tariq is our gentle superstar who has been showing dentist’s how its done for over 20 years. He’s fantastic at building long term relationships with his patients and it’s not surprising when you hear all the praises they sing about him. He loves doing Cosmetic Fillings and if he’s not in the practice you’ll probably find him watching the football with his teenage sons.


He’s fab. Dee is our incredibly friendly superhero who is super attentive to detail and just an all round lovely guy. He’s got a special gift at putting people at ease the minute they meet him. He’s incredibly insightful and is loved by all his patients. He loves doing transformational Composite Bonding and whitening cases, as well as looking after the patients for the long term. If he’s not at the practice he’s probably spending some quality time with his wee cat.


She’s awesome. Amna is our super enthusiastic dentist who fills the room with joy from the moment you’ll meet her. She’s exceptionally good at relating to her patients and has a keen eye for detail. She’s got an all round passion for dentistry and take’s pride in ensuring the patient gets the best possible outcome, every time. If she’s not at the practice she’s probably out doing her bit for the community….by tasting as many desserts as possible so – there’s less on the streets for her patients to be harmed by.

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